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Studio K started when co-founders Kim and Ryleigh found there was no outlet for pole dance in the local area. They deeply missed the unique sense of camaraderie, badass-ery, and instruction offered in a pole studio. Together they decided to open Studio K Pole to create a welcoming space for pole dancers to start or continue their journey.


Studio K Pole focuses on safe movement progression, self-connection, and celebration of each individual’s journey throughout our instruction.

Our philosophy is described through the Studio K guidelines:

  1. Honor your body
    Listen to it. Treat it with respect. Take pride in it.

  2. Be a positive force in your community
    Be respectful. Be kind. Be supportive. Be inclusive. 

  3. Be confident in your authentic self
    Express yourself. Love yourself. You are worthy. 

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Hi! I’m Kim. I’ve been pole dancing for 6 years because I love the feeling of achievement that comes from nailing a new move, mastering a combo, or improvising something cool. I know how scary it can be to try something new, and it’s important to me to create the welcoming community I’ve found time and time again in the pole studio. My focus as a teacher is helping students progress safely through a combination of on-the-pole training and off-the-pole conditioning. I teach pole, conditioning, and flexibility classes and I can’t wait to be a part of your pole journey! I’m also a certified X-Pert pole instructor and a NASM-certified personal trainer. 


Hi, I'm Ryleigh! I am a lifelong dancer with over 18 years of experience in ballet, modern, and other forms of dance. I've found ways to be connected to dance in some way throughout my life. I bring four years of exotic movement experience to Studio K. I'm incredibly passionate about helping people from all walks of life find joy through movement, it's the best part about being in the studio! I am a Liquid Motion 1.0 Certified Instructor. 


I’m Carli. Mom of five and “Grammy” of three. I took my first pole class on Mother’s Day 2015 and it completely changed the course of my life. I learned so much more than cool pole moves or sexy dance. I learned to love myself and my body. I gained friends who have become family. I gained self confidence and a desire to stop being “small” in my life. Pole and my pole family helped me find the strength to finally leave an unhealthy marriage and choose myself.  It continues to be a guiding light in my life. This is why I’m so passionate about sharing pole with others.


Hi there! I grew up here in Bremerton and danced on my high school dance team. Fast forward to COVID times living in Salt Lake City, I was watching a documentary on pole dance, self expression and confidence building. I LOVED the idea of finding fun ways to work out and use that creative outlet, so I signed up for 6 weeks of classes immediately (just so I could say I really gave it a shot). Clearly I fell in love with it, because here I am a few years later, still dancing, and finally putting all those hours of team practice and pointing my toes to use. 


1500 NE Riddell Rd, Suite 130

Bremerton, WA 98310


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 5-8pm

Wednesday: 1-8pm

Thursday: 1-8pm

Friday: 5-8pm

Saturday: 9am-2pm

Sunday: 9am-2pm

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